HER VOLKOVs / Book #1 (Under Revision and Editing)

HER VOLKOVs / Book #1 (Under Revision and Editing)

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stardustglitters By stardustglitters Updated Oct 29, 2015

"Open the door baby or I swear I'm going to rip this apart!" That's Nikolai and he sounds furious. 

My heart is pounding hard, feeling this undeniable fire burning inside my ribcage.

All of a sudden, I hear one loud bang. My door opened wide it didn't even put up a fight. 

Nikolai walked in and he looks livid. He runs his hand through his hair while stepping inside, not removing his gaze off of me.

In an instant, my senses drowned in his overwhelming godlike presence. Wearing his dark blue perfectly tailored suit and an attitude to back it up, there is no doubt in my mind that I will have a hard time steering clear from this man.

"Does it really pleases you to defy me baby?" His voice low and hoarse, looking at me like a wolf that is about to devour its prey.

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She looks beautiful, all these other models look the same skinny there aren't that much bigger size models then there should be and I agree I don't think she needs that much makeup on
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Whats the title of the song? N oprevious one. I want to download it 😃