Royal Academy

Royal Academy

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Shayla is your normal teenage girl, well not really, her parents are shipping her off the a borading school in Russia so they could go on a romanic world tour. Shayla is not the shy nerd that everyone thinks she is, she smart and witty, also isn't one to fall for charming guys.

What Shayla didn't know was the school was an academy for royals..

How will Shayla take living in a different country in a school full of snobby royals.

AnnabelleBach AnnabelleBach 5 days ago
If Rebecca has grey eyes, I will call her annabeth. The guy over there shall be named Persassy.
DisneyHipster2003 DisneyHipster2003 Aug 25, 2016
I wite that on a paper, decorated it, then gave it to my math teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day
luvlylocks luvlylocks Aug 31, 2016
She did all that work getting ready just to watch a movie in her dorm...
sparkly_unicorn_poop sparkly_unicorn_poop Jun 28, 2016
Most dance schools have different types of dance through out the day for three days then the last two days are for studies
I am already laughing 😂 
                              The title of the chapter is the best! Lol