The Alphas daughter

The Alphas daughter

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Diamond rose19 By Diamondrose19 Updated Mar 03, 2017

Ellie Hampton is a 16-year-old who doesn't care what you think, and does what she wants when she wants and if u don't like it to bad. She's also part of the Red moon pack the strongest pack in the US and did I forget to mention she's the Alphas daughter.

Kaden Jackson is the soon to be Alpha of the silver claw pack, the second strongest pack on the US. He gets what he wants and if u don't obey  u get punished. He looking for his mate because to take over the pack he must have a Luna.

What happens when Kaden walks into a new school only to see his mate kissing his Beta Jake?
Find out in ( The alphas daughter).

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Djrhymes Djrhymes Jan 08
Ahhh two dominants with two different opinions on mates I think the moon  goddess screwed up this time... Lol... Run while you have your life Jake cause it looks like your stuck in the middle!!!
MariaManuele1967 MariaManuele1967 Nov 18, 2017
Well for one thing he actually saw that right, I think it was his mate that his PETA is kiss her but she's the Alfas daughter. Oh boy trouble is coming on his PETA for sure. The only think I'll say run for your life PETA.
Awesomegirl2343 Awesomegirl2343 Jul 11, 2016
There's about 3 science courses in here, how did she make it this far if she failed all those science courses? Just asking 😓😅
HarrySTYLES921 HarrySTYLES921 Feb 25, 2016
You have a really good story and you tell it well the only small negative there is are the typos but other than that good job
ShanniWallace ShanniWallace Mar 24, 2016
So far the books going good and I think the others are not so good but other than that the book is very good so far I hope it gets better soon as I go on
Diamondrose19 Diamondrose19 Dec 13, 2014
Awe thanks, yeah I finished updating at like 2 in the morning, cause I was using my ipod to do the first chapter, and u know how annoying the little buttons are! Hahaha