My highlander my love, part two

My highlander my love, part two

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Theodora koulouris By Loulakoulouris Updated Aug 30, 2015

Please read this chapter after you read "a run for her life" because for some reason it had been switched automatically from wattpad and I don't know why. 

Time stood still for Edward and Heather,  because they were both confused and lost, each for different reasons. Edward snapped out of it first, and a scowl appeared on his handsome face. He didn't like the fact that a prostitute had an effect on him. He must see to it that she leaves his residence as soon as possible. She was a bad distraction, and he had no time to waste. Walking over to the bar, he poured himself the fourth whiskey of the evening, and dropped his huge body on the black leather couch. 

Threading her fingers through her tangled long hair, Heather decided it was time to go, but how could she step out back on the streets looking the way she did? Feeling helpless and destroyed, she started to cry, releasing all her tension, and fear. 

Edward gulped his whiskey down, and silently watched her cry. Who was she and wher...

    William definitely told him that his soulmates name is heather. And plus she looks exactly like kyra. Author are you forgetting this? Kind of a plot hole.
    PriscillaaSilver PriscillaaSilver May 07, 2015
    I think this chapter should be read after the  " A splendid piece of art"
    ArjaneLynch27 ArjaneLynch27 Apr 17, 2015
    from the first time douglas kyra father that the name was julia/heather why he cant remember that
    crystal514 crystal514 Mar 28, 2015
    thanks @loulakoulouris for clearing that up. I had assumed they were identical.
    crystal514 crystal514 Mar 26, 2015
    Hi, I have a few questions. I thought Heather/Julia are twins with Kyra? I also thought Edward knew her American name?
    PrincessBelle1993 PrincessBelle1993 Mar 19, 2015
    William already told him his soulmate a name was Heather!! Duh!