Resist Him If You Can

Resist Him If You Can

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Rush By Sugar_Rush19 Updated Apr 24, 2017

❝ Just try and resist me, sweetheart. ❞

Once Upon A Possessive Billionaire: Book #1 | Resisting |

Category: Romance | Humor | Mature
Cover Credits: Sugar_Rush19
Trailer Credits: KBrodieOfficial
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___ufy ___ufy May 05, 2016
i like this !! but i want to know the end !! pleassseee *puppy eyes* wowww
TheLittle_Naga_Girl TheLittle_Naga_Girl Jan 15, 2016
                              Quite everyone *starts counting*
                              1, 2 and start reading.
TheLittle_Naga_Girl TheLittle_Naga_Girl Jan 15, 2016
Oh my gosh...!!!
                              The author has not updated for 2 months and I cant wait so re reading it again and again coz I LOVE this BOOK ❤ 
                              Hahah... I feel pity for myself *Poor me* 😭
LPKstories LPKstories May 09, 2015
oh this sounds great! love this introduction/prologue/summary!
                              though the last few lines of the episode with him and nina, when he smirks and kisses her earlobe, you change between present and past tense (whispered) - just thought you would wanna know :)
FionaJohn FionaJohn May 06, 2015
Now this is nice. The first chapter caught my attention almost immediately. The details weren't much but that wasn't need for this kind of chapter. And golly, the suspense can k!ll.
Shades_of_Gay Shades_of_Gay May 05, 2015
Ear kisses are so, Aww and so Mmm lol Love this book already!