My Mate is Engaged to my Sister

My Mate is Engaged to my Sister

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Annabelle Collins is a seventeen year old werewolf. She is the daughter of Alpha Matthew Collins of the Rebels pack. Her older sister Isabella Collins is engaged to Alpha Alexander Hale of the Fugitive pack the strongest pack in the USA. 

What will happen when Annabelle finds out that Alexander is her mate? Will Alexander call off the wedding or will it go according to the plan? What will happen when Annabelle meets werewolf hunter Joshua Hayes?

Find out in My Mate is Engaged to my Sister...

  • alpha
  • humor
  • mate
  • rejection
  • romance
Lol called, wooow this shows how much I read Cliché stories I need to stop
Bïtch if you don’t get your dusty ass lips from my man you’ll wish you was never born
msburn msburn Oct 27
Woooh... he's definately insane... just do whatever he wants n then leave as there is nothing..
So my theory was half right but Bïtch you can’t just kiss her and be like thanks I needed that and go away no Bïtch you need to stay with her or else you’re using her
I really don't appreciate slut shaming. I hope this book isn't filled with it
He’s about to just kiss her out of the blue and then say like “I couldn’t bare myself to look at my beta flirting with u” or something like that