The Cheated Mate

The Cheated Mate

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stellabella13 By stellabella13 Updated Jan 10, 2016

Alice's POV

Tonight when Jesse gets home, I'm going to reject him. It's not because I think he's ugly because he's definitely not. With his emerald green eyes, dirty blonde hair, gorgeous dimples and huge muscles, he is definitely hot. I'm getting off topic here, I'm going to reject him because he committed the worst crime you could possibly think off against your mate-he cheated on me. 

*We're supposed to be his mate, the love of his life! Not some girl who he can use when he wants to and forget about when it suites him.*

How do I know he cheated? I know because about two months ago I started to feel sharp pains in my heart. I knew straight away what it was, the feeling is unmistakable. Jesse was cheating on me. 

*I don't know who it is that thinks they can steal my mate, but they will pay for disrespecting their Luna*(* means Kyra and Alice are talking)

I agree Ky, we need to find out who this bitch is.*

While Kyra and I were talking, Jesse walked through the front door. His no...