He's Bad News [Lashton AU]

He's Bad News [Lashton AU]

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unpunkash By unpunkash Completed

In which bad boy Luke doesn't have a care in the world for anyone or anything

But when he stumbles across a certain broken Ashton Irwin, he makes it his duty to fix him again

Will feelings be caught in the process?

me on the first day of school. 😂 i had pink hair and a lipring. PEOPLE WERE STARING FOR REAL😂
I was thinking about Ryan from Sworn To Silence.. The one who abused Luke
kmsmcr kmsmcr Jul 06
wasn't that the last name of that rich shady dog that always wore purple on that show arthur?
drarryNnuna drarryNnuna Jul 28
Me after my suspension (I punched this kid in the face while he was recording it-yes I knew he was- and said "tell mr. Hite Idc") if you're wondering why I punched him, it was because he wouldn't stop touching me
invisimalum invisimalum Dec 16, 2014
Same, i feel you
                              Lashton is just kjhgfjkyft
                              This is amazing omf