Lesbian (Jack gilinsky fan fic)

Lesbian (Jack gilinsky fan fic)

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jøselyn By JosyRodriguez Completed

"I'm different" I told him

"In a good way?" He asked

"Yeah, sure" I laughed

I probably wouldn't have been able to say anything as an excuse 😂😂😂
shaman456 shaman456 Jan 18
At her age tho she's not even supposed to know how to even cut herself
I would've been like "listen here buddy my vagîna is bleeding the fûck out and I'm pretty sure it's gonna lose all of its blood and fall off so I need my girly shît"
wheresthwmoney wheresthwmoney Dec 16, 2016
Hey CHICA!!! Was gooooood I see I found another Mexican friend nice to meet you I'm Ana
bizzlemygilinsky bizzlemygilinsky Dec 02, 2016
she be cussin tho too.  ut tbh who didnt like if you are a kid in 2016 i mean....
ginnyhemmings ginnyhemmings Dec 20, 2016
'I NEVER F*UCKED WAYNE, I NEVER F*CKED DRAKE' man ten years olds these day are wild