BETRAYED: a pertemis story

BETRAYED: a pertemis story

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Mr. Super Duper Awesome By SonOfTheHunt Updated Sep 01

Percy Jackson saviour of olympus BETRAYED BY ALL.
Annabeth had betrayed him. Percy couldn't believe it. Of all people, why Annabeth? 

He runs off to find himself in love with the most unlikely goddess of all.

Artemis the Hunter

Will she love him too? Or will she leave him heartbroken like Annabeth did?

Find out inside this awesome book!

Cover by @kristenk923
(please follow her... She makes awesome covers)


No no no no no no no 
                              U meant Annabitch😎😎😎😎
I was waiting for someone to mention the dalmatian. But, none
*explodes of rage and anger* HOW COULD U DO THIS JACE?! I TRUSTED U!
                              (I ain't sorry)
                              (I ain't sorry)
                              (I ain't sorry)
                              No, nigga naw🎶
SSJ4rocks SSJ4rocks Jan 06
Well the funeral is planned for Friday next week please go even though there will be nothing to bury
buckybarnesbiatch buckybarnesbiatch Jun 26, 2015
I just read a jercy fanfic so I thought this was one too so I screamed why you do dees at the top of my lungs scaring the shít out of my mom and bro and then I looks again and saw it was pertemis and had to apologize...this only happens on a regular basis.........