BETRAYED: a pertemis story

BETRAYED: a pertemis story

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Mr. Super Duper Awesome By SonOfTheHunt Updated Jul 10

Percy Jackson saviour of olympus BETRAYED BY ALL.
Annabeth had betrayed him. Percy couldn't believe it. Of all people, why Annabeth? 

He runs off to find himself in love with the most unlikely goddess of all.

Artemis the Hunter

Will she love him too? Or will she leave him heartbroken like Annabeth did?

Find out inside this awesome book!

Cover by @kristenk923
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ladydove121 ladydove121 Nov 07
                                           ⬆ Annabeth
Well she was straight to the point... Very bitchy may I add... And wow that escalated quickly.. And to think I saw better in you.... I'm not mad mind you... I'm just disappointed. Your actions won't go unnoticed Annabeth. Very blunt too.
One-Well that save was completely unnecessary and it would have been better if it was the first one but its fine. 
                              Two- Jabitch is my name for Jason now.
                              Three- Well Annabeth see you in hell!
Rotjeee Rotjeee May 15
Well, that escalated quickly 
                              Thought it was just kissing, but noooo, Annabeth has to take it a step further!
Well at least she's straight to the point "we've been having sex cuz I'm done with my soulmate" XD