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They Say Dreams Can Come True (Hikaru x Kaoru Twincest Fanfic)

They Say Dreams Can Come True (Hikaru x Kaoru Twincest Fanfic)

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vic-fuentes-is-god By vic-fuentes-is-god Completed

Hikaru and Kaoru are twin brothers. They were always close as kids, but less once they became older and living separate lives. But what happens when one of the brothers starts to see his true feelings for the other? Will his dreams ever come true?

Note: This story has been re-published, the old version has been deleted from Wattpad. So if you read the old version, please re vote and comment. Thanks :)

they-- FELL IN LUV
                              Now I hope Kaoru and Hikaru-- KISS KISS FALLS IN LOVE
If we didn't like yaoi and twincest then why would we click the fanfiction to read it? \(-_-)/
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kagayeyama kagayeyama Oct 06, 2016
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killerdamage killerdamage Dec 12, 2016
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