The Suicide Story

The Suicide Story

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I Guess It's Ella By words_unheard Completed

From being bullied for years Jenna Fields finally does the unthinkable but it leads her to the end.


This story includes adult language. 

This story is not about me. I thought it would be a good idea to write a story like this. So this is not connected to me In any way.

janiel_posts janiel_posts Dec 30, 2016
They beat the shīt out of her and pulled up her shirt and kicked her stomach
Turtlesandbooks4ever Turtlesandbooks4ever Dec 29, 2016
How would they have even seen the scars of their on her stomach?
jesse_livie10 jesse_livie10 Mar 03, 2016
If this is true. I will be  your  friend and i will help you with anything u need
deadjackinthebox1 deadjackinthebox1 Jul 05, 2016
I hate bullies I know how it feels 
                              I've got ur back bro hang in there. *gives u a 🍪*
Yu-cha Yu-cha Aug 22, 2016
So they beat you up because you have scars 😠😡😠😡 stupid pitiful ningen
Kenzie74947 Kenzie74947 Sep 15, 2016
I have a speech problem I don't know the name and I had to go to a privite school for it but I'm back in regular school