Alpha's Mate

Alpha's Mate

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(warning: contain mature contents)
Joseph Jase is the current Alpha of the Starlight pack in North America. His father died 2 years ago in a battle with the Nightshade pack. His mother got attacked by rogues not long after the battle. He is 18 years old, but still lives without a mate. He falls in love with his Beta, Kayla Sait, and she likes him too. But is she using him to become more powerful, or does she really love him? Will Joseph search for his true mate?

Abby Woods is a regular werewolf. She is 16 and goes to school, has friends and even reads books. Except one thing, her father is the Alpha of the Nightshade pack of North America. He rules his pack very strictly. Her mother is always busy and her 18-year-old brother is the only family member that cares for her. She loves him, but he becomes overprotective of her. He helps her yet forbids her to talk to any male werewolf since he doesn't want her to find her mate. 


Abby and Joseph meets in the most unexpected way. Now Kayla has left and is back stronger than ever. Joseph gets taken away and it's up to Abby and her close friend James; to save the Alpha.

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