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Featured as part of the ABC Sponsored campaign for the Once Upon A Time TV show.

In disgrace for what she sees as a minor transgression, Araminta, the spirited Princess of Dilkara, is being sent on a Merit Quest. And all to prove herself worthy of marriage to Prince Aurik of Kriegvald, a man who she has never met and whose very name she loathes.

Furious and humiliated, Araminta sets out on a perilous journey. In an adventure which will test her spirit and cunning to the limit, she must face ogres, Aelves, goblins and even a dragon to collect the Quest Trove before her  time runs out.

Against enormous odds - and despite the interference of the irritating Ryder, soldier of Kriegvald - Princess Araminta must show she is not only the equal of any Prince but also a fitting ruler of the Kingdom of Dilkara.
If you like feisty Princesses and handsome heroes with some adventure, magic and romance thrown in for good measure then this is the book for you!

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Nevara_araveN7 Nevara_araveN7 Feb 01, 2016
What an absolute................
                              Never mind, I won't say it.
piusbanjo piusbanjo Sep 21, 2016
Woow dat rap battle was so funny ..... But I think Belle won d Battle
ultimate-spacedad ultimate-spacedad Nov 01, 2016
Besides the rap battle, that was amazing! Inspiring, leaves me in questioning...I'm bewitched!
mkdeemer mkdeemer Nov 11, 2016
Yea I was watching that with my news like a year ago she laughed so hard☺💟💓💘
amorphism amorphism Oct 22, 2015
She reminds me of my favorite Disney character - Merida :-)
                              @LavenderBrooke nice :-)
JoshieHouessou JoshieHouessou Sep 24, 2015
I do love the cover... The girl reminds me of an older Merida, you know from Disney's Brave!