Bitter & Sweet •MxM•

Bitter & Sweet •MxM•

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Spoopy By SoulPhenomenon Updated Jun 01, 2016

•• I stared into the deep green orbs as he questioned me.
They reflected the pain I felt, the torment I had subjected myself to all these years. I deserved it.

Yet, he thought otherwise. ••

- * -

Thaddeus Monnrowe of the  Hammr'rowe Arts and Alpha always felt like he deserved whatever he had coming for him, he'd used all of the pain he had gone through in his previous years to push his families business to make it as successful as it is.

Now, at the age of 26, he is the owner of a large Art company, Alpha of the Hammr'rowe pack and father of three newly born babies.

Then, Drake Jamison came into the picture.

This hot-headed no bullshit character barges into the introverted Alpha's life with a string of profanities, a lollipop and mad baby skills. Drake will change Thaddeus's life.

The question is, will it be for better or for worse?

• MxM •

**Triggar warning; a few triggers in there, be careful** 

**Cover made by @SuperSonicPaGer**

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And my mom be trying to dye her grey hair. They are beautiful.
Haha, I have a female dog named Karma... Karma is a b*tch! But she's not sadistic, she's the sweetest puppy ever...
The author must have a bad childhood to think up stuff like this..... XD
Oh my god This is my chemistry teachers name. Most people call him daddy Aweeka
OMG am laughing so bad right now. The product of not wearing a condom. Like WTF.
Don't know why I cranked up reading this. 😂. Of course she is. Clearly.