Seeker Of Truth

Seeker Of Truth

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Jorden Leonard By JordenLeonard Updated Apr 04, 2015

A figment of a boy is awakened by a wolf's stare. He cries out in reflexive despair, but stops as thoughts replace stasis.

This is a short tale about a small mind in a big dream.

Follow Seeke as he discovers his reality and defines himself enough to break free.

Beware the sharp teeth.

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JoyCronje JoyCronje Feb 02, 2015
I'm hoping this is a setup for something in the chapters to come? It brings a lot of questions which I hope you want to be asked.
JoyCronje JoyCronje Feb 02, 2015
Erm, on a grammatical note, less is more with the adjectives and adverbs, though I only notice a few too many adjectives in your piece, not adverbs really, and I can't talk cause I do the same, but it's still true :) just fyc (for your consideration)
JoyCronje JoyCronje Feb 02, 2015
That's good - a very realistic feeling, and it takes me in to the story.
JoyCronje JoyCronje Feb 02, 2015
Beautiful, but I have no clue what this means, where seeks is, or what on earth he's doing. Is he on a hill, practising with his weapon? Or is he in a vision seeing these things? Or is he tracking someone or something, or remembering someone's life?
JoyCronje JoyCronje Feb 02, 2015
Ahh I see... But why omit the subject in the first paragraph?
wordsmith- wordsmith- Dec 27, 2014
This was really well written, and had a lot of nice detail, but there wasn't much of an incentive for me to read on. I would also possibly work on the chapter length, but that's just a personal opinion. I love the MC's name by the way.