The Only Guy

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Kristen By evilbunneh Updated 4 years ago
Josh is your steryotypical hot guy with charm, chicks on his arm, and an ego to cover up his true personality and feelings. Jenna is not your typical teenage girl. She has mild OCD, a crazy family, and a need to prove her mother wrong. Jenna and Josh had completely different lives until Josh's parents decide to force a life change on him by sending him to an all-girls boarding school. Jenna's school.
You know most of the time it's a girl at an all boys boarding school, but know its a guy at an all girls boarding school! Mixing it up! I like it:)
Hate it when the girl says "A guy's gonna be at our school?! ......." and the headmistress is like "Mind your language!!" and I was like "WTH?!" because it's not like she swore or something... Yea so that kinda pissed me off and I just wanted to put this out there... But I do love your story!!!!  
its a little confusing but its a guys point of view and most people say guys are confusing so awsom job
this is good and its not confusing at all, don't worry about it. :D
love the story!!keep it up!!still waiting for the next chappie!!!
omg. dis is great. loving it. read THE HILARIOUS LIFE OF KLUTZY