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My Husband's A Player

My Husband's A Player

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Tahira :) By TheHirra Completed

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For the sake of my family and our business, I, Huang ZhiTao, have no choice but to marry the son of a well-known CEO. His name was Kris Wu and was known as a player. One of the kinds of people I really hate but I don't have any other choice. My dad's company is going down, I need to marry that player to save the company! I may have to marry him, doesn't mean I'll fall for him, right? How can I love a player? That's just stupid...right?
I have to marry a guy?! I'm suppose to marry a girl! I'm not a gay! I'm manly *pouts*
Dad forced me to marry his bestfriend's son who clearly, doesn't give a fuck about the marriage at all. Dad wanted to become business partners with his bestfriend since his bestfriend's fucking rich. In return, I have to marry his son. SUCH FRIENDSHIP. I don't mind marrying minseokki but a person who I never knew before?! SERIOUSLY. Oh yeah, about my soon-to-be-husband. He told me his name was Oh Sehun. Fuck My Life.

LordJibooty12 LordJibooty12 Aug 22, 2016
I literally thought it said Donald Trump I was about to leave fr
                                     / |         | \
                                 _/   |  ___  |   \_
                                      / /     \ \
                                     |  |        |  |
Do_Satansoo Do_Satansoo Dec 20, 2016
                                       /.|   |  \
                                  _/.   |   |    \_
                                       //.  \\
                                       ||     \\
Touch the Gucci kris... Next time you meet him... You be a dead Galaxy.. Believe me
ehkdbfkf ehkdbfkf Dec 11, 2016
All of my dad and my conversation: dad ur fat ...... your getting old and he calls me to skinny lol I love him tho
PikaWings PikaWings Mar 03
Tao babe you have no reason to feel guilty. Kris should get his head out of his ass and know when not to say certain things. Or touch your GUCCI