A Werewolf Mate in the Loup Garou Forest (completed)

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forest_freedom By forest_freedom Completed
Akela has to leave her home when she is attacked. She joins a pack a werewolves where she finds her true mate. Another pack of enemy werewolves is out to take her. She has to learn to fight and to survive in the forest.
I think I have read this before but if I did it was the best book I've ever read!!!
I haven't voted on all the chapters yet !! but i already read it :D . This is One of the good werewolf story i've read .
i like it but surely the mum would explain whats going on & not send her vulnerable daughter off alone with no idea of what is happening or why
Quite an interesting story you have going here.  Definitely captured my attention in this first chapter which isn't easy to do.
What's time? Awesome start! you got me drawn into your story! :D