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A Person Can Change - DRAMIONE ✔

A Person Can Change - DRAMIONE ✔

140K Reads 4.4K Votes 30 Part Story
♧°•A•°◇ By killerwolf49 Completed

The Battle of Hogwarts has brought triumph to the Order and the members of Hogwarts. With Lord Voldemort defeated and the Death Eaters safely placed in Azkaban, there is no more threat to the Wizarding world.

The Golden Trio have returned to a newly-built Hogwarts along with many other students that wished to resume their schooling, for a full, sound year. However, not all Death Eaters were sentenced, as Draco Malfoy has returned to school as well.
  Will he be the same arrogant, prejudiced, Slytherin Badass that he used to be? What happens when he bumps into Hermione Granger during the school year?

Something isn't right with Draco, and Hermione wants to find out why. Surely someone like him can't change ... right?

ashleygoel7 ashleygoel7 Jan 02
You are a great writer but don't mind just a piece of advice
Thedreamer-13 Thedreamer-13 Dec 16, 2016
First chapter. We haven't met/seen/read about Draco yet and... I'M ALREADY LOVING THIS STORY
Hermiones_twin Hermiones_twin Jan 30, 2016
Can we just talk about how on the map it would say that Peter and Ron were in the same bed and Fred and George would just see that and be like " the fûck"
Kailyn-Writes Kailyn-Writes Nov 30, 2016
lol I'm on the bus and it was quit and I just started laughing and people just stared at me oddly
HowlingWolf9 HowlingWolf9 Oct 09, 2016
I don't know why this made me laugh 😂 it reminds me of the first book when the Twins tried to give Harry a toilet seat when he was in a hospital bed from Voldemort
A-Twenty-Sixteen A-Twenty-Sixteen Dec 10, 2015
Can we talk about how Ron did *sexual content* in front of scabbers