Dreamer z.h

Dreamer z.h

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Carter Simmons By ZIALLISLIFEE Completed

[ziall; completed]
[italian translation available]

Niall has an issue with dreaming.

Whenever he dreams, he wakes up hot and sweaty.

He's straight as far as he knows, but often dreams about the boys.

About the boys doing things to him that they should never do.

But one boy in the band seems to be the one he dreams about the most.

And that boy is Zayn.

Every night it's a repeat.

Niall will sleep and fall into a dream where he wakes up moment later scurrying to the toilet.

But what happens when Zayn catches him grunting in his bunk one night?

Hahahaha gotta love Nialler...and I bet Zayn is gunna keep tlking to him in his sleep
......well.....niall does have that effect on people.......its ok zaynie boy.
If I was Niall I really want to kill my self in that moment THATS EMBARRASSING!!
I love it too but it never comes before 2am 😒😒😒 smh