The Demon Assassin

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Shelby Petrie By LittleDhampir18 Updated 4 years ago
DEMON ASSASSIN'S HAVE EXISTED ON THIS PLANET AS LONG AS THE HUMANS THEMSELVES. SERVING AND PROTECTING THE WORLD FROM THE DEMONS AND THE HORRORS THAT THEY CAUSE. THEY ARE THE INFERIOR RACE, THE GOD'S WARRIORS, SENT BY ANGELS THEMSELVES TO RID THE EARTH OF DEMONS, FIGHTING AND KILLING WAS ALL THEY KNEW. Demon Assassin Amelia Drake had been trained all her life that the Demons were her enemies and her only enemies. That was until the witches decided to rebel and team up with the Demons. Now Amelia is on her own, fending for herself as more and more Demon Assassins turn to the dark side. Somethings luring them in, and Amelia must find out. But how can she when she can't even trust her own race? Can she trust three people she meets along the way? Or will she face something bigger than herself alone and die trying?
This is good :) But the whole demon warriors/ warriors of God thing reminds me alot of the Mortal Instrament series.
no way, my story totally came from a dream I had, too!! LOL I think the best stories are thought of that way. :D I like the way you write, very descriptive. Your sentances flow beautifuly. I like your beginning, you jumped right into the action. I'm going to continue reading! Voted! :)
A great bit of writing, very descriptive, I liked it a lot, the idea is superb, but if I may make a small critisism, it could do with some more introduction, but other than that, my congratulations, you have an exellent talent, and first to comment, I am flattered