Werewolf King

Werewolf King

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Rockbelle By rockbelle Updated Jul 10, 2015

A King is a viscous creature, ready to pounce on the prey even unprepared. Ezra is a man of many talents; Has a kingdom of his own, is cursed by some hags to not have a mate, cold, broken hearted.                                                                                              

So when he meets his mate Jennifer Lou Hudson who is the naive girl and believes that there is hope to save him.   

H E. R E J E C T S. H E R.                                   

Jennifer's always believed in hope and love but when she gets rejected by the one man she thinks is perfect for her. 

She leaves and never comes back.      

Until they're forced to meet but in unexpected circumstances.                                                                               

Twisted plots, Witchcraft, Magical creatures and most of all Love Is In The Air.

  • anger
  • boy
  • epiclove
  • girl
  • king
  • love
  • magic
  • mates
  • queen
  • truelove
  • witches