Fairy Tail x Reader Steamy

Fairy Tail x Reader Steamy

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Mifhkra By Mana_imoto100 Updated Apr 03

Y/N is a seventeen year old girl who is part of an independent Guild of Dragon-slayers called, the Dragon Gem.

When they enter in the Grand Magic Games things get a little steamy when the boys of Fairy Tail take a liking in you.

With a protective Exceed, powerful Dragon-slayers, of all generations, including a secret fourth generation, and the Queen of the Dragons as the Guild's Master, will you have even one chance on saying "I love you" to one of them? 

But you have a secret that only your Exceed knows, unlike other Dragon-slayers, you know who your real parents are other then your dragon, but what will happen when they find out? 

a Reader x fanfic, I hope you like it! I will give each and everyone one of them separate endings 

I do not own Fairy Tail T_T, or the pictures, or music, and I guess I don't own you either ..... but I own the plot!


My name is Toph. 'Cause it sound like tough and that's what I am.
Can I make the skirt cloth and the boots leather? They're both black anyway.