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<Coach Styles>

<Coach Styles>

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alyssa By sideofhomemademashed Completed

They say everyone deserves to get a second chance. Me? Well, I got three.

This story has sexual content, language, alcohol, and some elements of drug use as well as talking about rape and suicide. These characters, events, and places are used fictitiously. Please read at your own risk.

jenah16 jenah16 Dec 06, 2016
I like that this story is so relatable to me... He's finally not 'towering' over the girl hahah
My cusins samarah,boi.boi. and kaleeces last name and aunt rachel
Mariq254 Mariq254 Dec 27, 2016
I'm playing basketball and I'm 6'1 and the most unbelievable thing is that I'm only thirteen
In my school we have to run 5 miles in under 10 minutes to get a good grade...a mile is nothing lol
trulymadlydeepIy trulymadlydeepIy Dec 01, 2016
this is literally nothing i ran 4.5 miles today and it was my easy day
lowkeylamee lowkeylamee a day ago
wow the first fanfic where the girl isn't as tall as Harry's nipples