Matthew Espinosa Sex Lessons 2

Matthew Espinosa Sex Lessons 2

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Have to read my first book to understand. Plus this book needs many grammar editing. So I'm sorry! 

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• Stephanie's P.O.V •

The men drove to fast for my liking wanting me to throw up my breakfast burrito I had before the party.

"Roger, get her out of the fucking trunk." The boy spat, I shuddered in fear and closed my eyes. 

"Yes, sir." He said back, respectfully and slammed the door open. The breeze filled up my dress and I shivered, hugging myself. 

I finally saw the light, feeling like I've been in the trunk for months.

An idea poped in my mind of how they do it in the movies, sexually interact with him and then make him love u. 

Then, boom! 

I got up and forced myself to fall on him, purposely. 

I touched his dick, slightly rubbing. He groaned under my touch and I literally gagged.

"Watch out, sexy." he growls under his breath, grabbing my ass roughly. 


"The other on...

XD. The video where the "25 and a 1/2 babies" came from was pretty funny
I thought that said, "Make love to her and give her 25 Dollars." I'm like, SHE AINT NO HOHO WIT YO DISRESPECTFUL ASSETS... Assets😂
How cam u have 25 'and a half babies'??? Do u split one of the babies???
Poopfaceeeeee Poopfaceeeeee Dec 10, 2014
mora guy seems like one of those assholes who. idk it's hard to explain