Awkward [Dan Howell]

Awkward [Dan Howell]

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[least cliché Danfiction ever]

Aspen Hayes is a somewhat famous YouTuber that goes by the name "AspenSays", and has 4,189,788+ subscribers.

She's not really much of a people person, and prefers the company of books to beating hearts and the Internet to actual intelligence.

She is, by far, the most awkward person you could ever meet. And every week she has at least one awkward story to tell her viewers.

Like that time she got trapped in an elevator with none other than Dan Howell.

Or as he's known as on YouTube;



If you're tired of cliché, this story is for you.

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artaeculate artaeculate Nov 30, 2017
ikr it cost $15 for water on his cruise i was on. you had to walk all the way to a cafeteria to GET A SMALL CUP OF WATER, not to mention i was on the second level so i had to go up like 5 floors smh. i ended up opening the $15 dollar water and taking a small sip, they didn’t charge sO
artaeculate artaeculate Nov 30, 2017
i’m pale for being mixed, not on a phil level of pale more like dans skin tone a bit.. idek
im scared wtf this is describing me (im short have reddish hair freckles and hazel eyes)
atmarvels atmarvels 2 days ago
hi, yes, im totally fine. being in a metal box that can probably cause my death is soo exciting.
I can just imagine Dan making a video on that just like "So what did I do? *awkward chuckle* I grabbed her hand, and ran." Pause "Yup, we actually ran back to the hotel just because people noticed us."