Awkward [Dan Howell]

Awkward [Dan Howell]

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[least cliché Danfiction ever]

Aspen Hayes is a somewhat famous YouTuber that goes by the name "AspenSays", and has 4,189,788+ subscribers.

She's not really much of a people person, and prefers the company of books to beating hearts and the Internet to actual intelligence.

She is, by far, the most awkward person you could ever meet. And every week she has at least one awkward story to tell her viewers.

Like that time she got trapped in an elevator with none other than Dan Howell.

Or as he's known as on YouTube;



If you're tired of cliché, this story is for you.

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-VoidKat -VoidKat Jul 24
*whispers in Australian accent* And here we have the wild Aspen. It may only be tamed with food
transulentt transulentt Aug 20
ok i know dan is like a titan but if she reaches up to his chest she's probably about 4' 6"
fun fact on why I'm here, MY name is aspen. I was going through my discover and I saw my name and was immediately triggered. I read the description and this character is literally just like me I'm actually terrified.
transulentt transulentt Aug 20
if i were in this situation though i'd feel lowkey uncomfortable
Peter Wentz started to work at Tesko...after unfollowing Dan,I bet the fans made some action
                              2.) nO NEED TO SAY POUNDS, THEY CAN SAY WHAT THEY WANT