Ashes - TGS - B.3

Ashes - TGS - B.3

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Caramel shortcake By VampireDiaries2899 Updated Aug 19, 2016

Ebony Gilbert is back and is now a vampire and a ripper. Ebony and Stefan are on the road with klaus to track down werewolves to turn into hybrids for klaus to create his automate army.

Ebony is having trouble dealing with the secrets that she's carrying and with the people, her family that she has lost. Stefan can see she is close to losing her humanity and will do what ever it takes to make sure she keeps it intact no matter how hard it is for her but when she realises that her sister is actually alive will she snap? will her humanity be thrown out the window?

How will the gang in Mystic Falls deal with having not just Ebony and Stefan back but with two rippers back? How will Damon and Elena fix their relationship with Ebony after all the lies and secrets they have told?

Imperfectionist23 Imperfectionist23 Jul 27, 2015
amazing and so shocking with Ebony and Klaus. I love it, update soon!!! #Klebony V.S #Kebony
VampireDiaries2899 VampireDiaries2899 Jul 21, 2015
I'm going to post an update some point today or tomorrow, promise