Unthinkable: Color of Love

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Chicago1901 By Chicago1901 Completed
Have you ever loved someone so much that you don't care what they look like? That's how this is for Tia Myers. Her and her best friend Roy Calem are on the journey to love and the only thing that's stopping them is their race. She's black and he's white. To them they just see themselves as people not color. Their arguments, smiles, and dedication will stop disapprovers cold. Will they prove the world wrong or just show how right they truly are?
Oh wow your story was so amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!
                                    I could read it every freaking day, every freaking day!!!!!!!!!! OMFG!!!!!!!! Janay Russell
I like the fact that its realistic...something possible! It's great! =)
Roy is sooo cute!!! I love him! And I say forget those ignorant kids at that school!!!
This chapter is absolutely amazing. I love your tone and I love the playfulness between Roy and Angel. I can't wait to see where this goes. *adds to library* :)
Awww :) Thank you.. You're so sweet, Like I told you in the email, I love it <3