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I've Been Here All Along, Right Before Your Eyes

I've Been Here All Along, Right Before Your Eyes

1.2K Reads 14 Votes 3 Part Story
Serenity By FloatsYourBoat Updated Nov 21, 2010

Trey and Jordan have been friends since they were little kids. Their parents are on good terms with eachother and they both hangout every single weekend. Although, they get teased for being so close. They get through it together.. until things start to slowly fall apart. The teases finally start to get to them but not in the way you think. Jordan and her friend, Kiley, convince Trey to get a girlfriend. Which won't be difficult since he's the star football player and hottest guy at school. He finally does get a girlfriend but where does that put Jordan? Alone every weekend. They slowly drift apart.. what will happen?

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