cigarettes ⇨ muke

cigarettes ⇨ muke

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"you know these are bad for you, right?"
"you know i dont give a fuck, right?"


where luke works at a gas station and michael goes there to buy cigarettes everyday

[lower case intended]

mgc182_ mgc182_ Jul 07
The only cigarettes I've seen in Australia are like $40+ wtf
^everyone is commenting about the price where they live and then there's me who doesn't know how much they cost cuz I never bought some or know someone who smokes often 😂
rayvenge rayvenge Aug 20
Bruh here they are like $1.5. Mint ones are the most decent.
birdfly1221 birdfly1221 Jul 13
Bro the cheapest my sister can get is like 8 dollars like what
malumouth malumouth Aug 17
it took me a long long while tryna figure out how michael knew that