Billionaires Baby

Billionaires Baby

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Red Rose By Red-Rose-Ruby Completed

    Alec is meeting with his father's lawyers to discuss some terms to running the company.  He gets to the sleek office and waits less than five minutes before he's called back. When he enters the room their is an older gentle man and a pretty young lady. They greet one another then get to the main point.

The young lady speaks and says "You have to have a baby by the time you  twenty eight. If you don't, you will only own part of the company and your uncle will own part." 

"A baby"... " im 26 years old I'm still young why the fuck would I want a baby!" I didn't mean to yell but this is huge news. What was I going to do. I can't have a baby with the people I know, their all money hungry. Lord only knows what will happen once this news gets out. He would have to be extra Careful now. 

Present day 2012

 I need to find a baby mama and soon or my uncle will get part of the company.  I figured I could talk to my friend Liz about this situation she always knows how ...

AissatouSabara AissatouSabara Jun 21, 2016
DO YOU JUST HAVE 12 MILLION DOLLARS LAYING AROUND?!?! If so you wanna hook a sister up?😌😌