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Hampton Monét Blues, age 18. Daughter of Nicky Blues, known as "the black godfather". At a young age she was hurt alot. She never could rely on one person before that person was just out of her life. She knew she could always rely on Monroe.

Hampton swore she would find the person that caused her so much pain. She would make them suffer the way she did. To make them feel what she felt. At this point in her life she owns most of every kingpins empire. She chooses if their empire should fall or not. Very smart taking on the fact that she is a female who hasn't graduated college.

Kingpins flock to her begging for her forgiveness to get their empire up and running. Its just one person's empire she needs. It will just get her one step closer where she needs to be.

She just needs to keep quiet.

krazzy_meeh krazzy_meeh Jun 06
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                              SAY WHETTTT SAY WHETTTT 🤔😮😯
krazzy_meeh krazzy_meeh Jun 06
Hold up, hold up , hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up, 
                              SAY WHETTTT SAY WHETTTT
MoneybaggNez MoneybaggNez Mar 30, 2016
I like this story already, like it's something new and refreshing like it's a different type of plot about it
tha_bvstard tha_bvstard Nov 09, 2016
Speaker Knockerz × Rico Story Trilogy- "Got shot a couple times, but he ain't tap out."😂😂Had to