Levi x Reader [AU]

Levi x Reader [AU]

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I woke up shivering on the floor. 'God, what happen?' I thought to myself.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N)!" Zach knocked on my bedroom's door.

"Wait up!" I groaned. I walked limply to the door, not opening my eyes. As soon as I opened the door, Zach tackled me into a hug.

"(Y/N), we are late to school," Zach said while tilting cutely his head to me. I widened my eyes at this.

"Wait, what?!! What time is it?" I screamed in horror. Oh no! Zach can't be late! Not today! 

"Its 8 o'clock."

Luckily, Zach was already in his kindergarten uniform. So that leaves me. I hurried into the bathroom, only washes my face and brushes my teeth. Disgusting, I know. But I don't have any choices! Zach has a field trip today and he has been waiting for it like crazy!

Zach wasn't in my room when I walked in, so I quickly changed into my uniform and...

That's my EX boyfriends name... oh Christ almighty help us all.
I wish someone would make me a Bento for lunch... 😫😫🍱🍱
h3rt_br8k3r_1022 h3rt_br8k3r_1022 Jul 28, 2016
Me: Some one told me to go to hell.
                               I couldn't find it at first....... but here I am 😊
                              The class: 😂😂😮😮😱😱😂😂
                              The teacher: °~°
Ruruki-Chan Ruruki-Chan Aug 23, 2016
As soon as I saw that, I did a double take. He's my classmate.
Nicole110302 Nicole110302 Jul 15, 2016
I want a little bro like thats but no what do i get a rude ass little sister
It could be egg man..then yet again it could be saitama..confusion