Just a bet  (BoyxBoy)

Just a bet (BoyxBoy)

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WanderinThruLife WanderinThruLife Nov 11, 2017
There are quite alot if re readers. Is this book really so good?
NerdyTomboyHero NerdyTomboyHero Jun 28, 2017
Yeah it's so easy
                              HA YOU THOUGHT BUT IT IS NOT😂😂😂
                              That was dumb
stilinskidolan stilinskidolan Jun 15, 2017
I only know the word "wager" from watching Jeopardy with my grandma
xoxBeeboxox xoxBeeboxox Jan 03
Yoo I remember reading this book a while ago  and now I just found it again. So glad tho it’s a good book
InternallyInvisible InternallyInvisible Nov 24, 2016
This is ELA class all over again. You want us to annotate for Craft too?
InternallyInvisible InternallyInvisible Nov 24, 2016
But you know guys always be lying about stuff so you know...