A Play in Time (SasuSaku)

A Play in Time (SasuSaku)

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One day Sasuke and Sakura were walking along a cherry blossom field when a flash of light blinded them....

When they opened their eyes, they were back in Konohagakure...or so they thought...they were back to the time they were still GENIN!!!

Then, they hear a voice who told them that their mission was to bring together their younger selves and make them fall in love with each other so they can go back to their own times...

Sakura starts to freak out because how are they supposed to do that when the Sasuke in that time thinks she's ANNOYING!!!

While Sasuke, you'll never know what his reaction is because...HE DOESN'T HAVE ANY REACTION...or does he?

How will their mission turn out? Will Sasuke (younger) fall in love with Sakura (younger)?


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Rated PG-13

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cherrybonaobra_otaku cherrybonaobra_otaku May 08, 2016
This chapter made mt heart skip I already live it \(♡☆♡)/