At Last (A Runaway Short Story)

At Last (A Runaway Short Story)

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A short story based off of the hit fanfic, Runaway (A Zayn Malik Fanfiction).

ATTENTION: If you haven't read Runaway, I suggest you do not read this short story. It is based off the book and everything that happens after it is over and it is not meant for readers who are reading this first. So just make sure you read 'Runaway' before opening this book.

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eibmngss eibmngss Jul 17
Bruh zayn and kats baby would have an Uncle like not more than 3 years older than him
eibmngss eibmngss Jul 17
Then again who the fuxk would name their baby Milo is your baby a dog?
Now I know y no bf is enough ... expections here are sky high and how are the poor non-Zayns supposed ṭo catch up with love
humeyraX3 humeyraX3 Dec 24, 2016
Dont say dont say I didnt warn youuuu dont say I didnt warn youuuuu just livee for the momeennt I WASNT SUPPOSED TO GO OUT TONIGHT I SHOULD BE AT HOME AND WORK AT NIGHT
cozyfulvxgue cozyfulvxgue Nov 29, 2016
Anyone else start singing "going to the chapel and we're goinn get married"?
dianaicabarcas8 dianaicabarcas8 Jul 21, 2015
Well then if they read it won't be her fault because she told them so