The book of Yaoi [oneshots]

The book of Yaoi [oneshots]

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Teh Epic Noob By catdoggirl12 Updated Jan 24

There is no description here....

No, really there isn't one here. 

But if there were one it would say that this is a book strictly made for those of you who like a little yaoi {boy x boy} in there day. It would also say that this book takes requests too.

If only there was a description here.

AnIme-XoX-LoVer AnIme-XoX-LoVer 13 hours ago
Mpsy of my friends stoped watching after L died... i think a part of me too...😢😢😢😢😢
Misa i love you, you are my waifu, buT NOW IS NOT A GOOD TIME RIGHT NOW
I've only seen one episode and I got bored....what a shame... Though I like the characters. :DD
When I was first watching DN my friend told me that L dies before I got to that part, I then preceded to watch the rest in defiance hoping that they had lied.
Im loving this too much...moTHER FORGIVE ME FOR I JAVE SINNED
citruspan citruspan Jul 30
*starts to sing* -ahem- 
                              All around me are familiar faces