Devotedly Daisy (Letters From Home Series Book #1) *ON HOLD, RESEARCHING- REWRITING*

Devotedly Daisy (Letters From Home Series Book #1) *ON HOLD, RESEARCHING- REWRITING*

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K.C. Goodwin By Kassilassie Updated Mar 07, 2015

“You?” both Daisy and Colton said at once- both of them had recognized the other once the saw one another face to face. He cleared his throat and looked at the woman who he had been set up with all those years ago. Daisy stood before him just as shocked as he was, although he had to admit she was still beautiful- four years had passed and she looked just the same, her blond hair was peeking out from under a small white hat she wore atop her head. 

Her dress was very light- not at all something one would think to wear in the winter; it was light yellow and white stripes that hugged her small figure. The skirt stopped at her ankles showing off her small white shoes. She bit her lip revealing dip dimples on either side of her mouth as she did so.

“Leave” he said more gruffly than he had intended.

“I will not!” she exclaimed.

“Why ever not?” he demanded to know.

“Because” she said her voice started out loud but now she merely whispered “I have nowhere else to go.”

Colton was taken back, he hadn’t expected her to say that- and his heart went out to her- although he’d never let anyone especially not Daisy- see that side of him.

“Weren’t you a Doctor?” he questioned remembering Maggie and Beau telling him about her.

“I am still- which makes me all the more qualified. And I was a nurse in the war so I have experience with soldiers.”  

That was more experience than most of the nurses who had applied so far. And he needed a nurse there was no way that he could continue in the car of Mr. Cobb- the old man was about to quit no doubt. 

“Fine” he said in a low voice “But don’t expect me to like you.” 

“Likewise.” Daisy said with a smirk on her face as she crossed her arms. 

“Leave.” Colton demanded. 

“Not until you ask nicely Mr. McCall.” Daisy told him stubbornly.

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duchessdome duchessdome Oct 02, 2016
What happened to Annie and Jennie?  I thought Ember and Daniel had nine children
louisaseah louisaseah Dec 11, 2014
Ahh! So happy to see a family tree! Really helps to keep track of this happy big fam ;)
cheoncheonhi cheoncheonhi Dec 09, 2014
Wow.. Colton is really a piece of work!! I think they will meet again in the future though ;)
Kassilassie Kassilassie Dec 09, 2014
@littleLo I have been writing and rewriting this prologue forever! lol I am so glad you liked it! and I think you're right;) colton and daisy sitting in a tree. ... lol
littleLo littleLo Dec 09, 2014
Something tells me Daisy will warm up to Colton ;) hehehehe
                              Awesome start Kass! You know how much I've been looking forward to this one :) Update soon!