BTS Sex Slave [Ongoing]

BTS Sex Slave [Ongoing]

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InsaneB_U By BraceMille Updated Jun 27, 2015

A/N: hello co armies ... is it ok if every chapter has sex scene? (Just kidding xD)

I just. Want to share my wild imaginations thats why Ive made. This story fanfic. .

Lets start. . ^_~ ♥♥♥


The story start when a girl was kidnapped by some guys wearing a mask to cover they're face 

Kim's Pov

I was walking down the street peacefully .. it was so dark because its already 9:00 in the evening.. im walking alone right now because I broke up with my boyfriend .. 


Jhon was driving me home and stopped at a dark place.

"Kim... im getting horny .. please have a sex with me!"  Jhon said as he put his hands between my legs.

"Oh please. .. not again!" I said angrily.

"This time... I will not accept your excuses! " I will fuck you if I want to! He said and grab my waist ..

I slapped his face because he didn't respect my virginity!

"Ouch! So you wanna fight for your virginity huh? Then fight me if you can .." he yelled as he grab my shoulders pulling me to him... ...

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                              But in reality,  I won't sacrifice my virginity even if its BTS and I think no one in BTS would want us to sacrifice our virginity just to them.
LoyalKookieStan LoyalKookieStan 2 days ago
Well, you see honey, you don't have to.
                              You could be nakē, I'm sure they wouldn't mind tbh.
Bitch I can push a guy and making him fall straight to the floor or even smack them in their face that easy and you call that "JUST A GIRL"?!
Br33zy_XL0 Br33zy_XL0 Dec 06
It HAD to be pink 😑 i mean i like the brand but not the color