The Curse Of The Dark Blood: #Wattys2015 (#BWWM)

The Curse Of The Dark Blood: #Wattys2015 (#BWWM)

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TGR Productions By victoriabenett_ Completed


A Werewolf and Interracial Story

                 "It's a gift and a curse. You just have to learn to use it wisely."


  Holland smirks at me and starts to walk closer. His eyes are dark red and I'm not sure I like the look in his eyes. 


He slams the both of his hands on the wall beside my head. I want to flinch but I don't. He can't hurt me. He won't. I bite my lip and look down.

His lips come close to my ear and I shiver. He chuckles and my chest fills.

"I want you to scream Sloane." He whispers in a sexy husky voice. 

"Holland." I look up at him and he looks down at me. His arms snake around my waist. I can't get used to this. I will never get used to this.

"You've made me wait too long Sloane." 


Sloane is a Dark Blood: a Werewolf with complete access to hell or in other words: The Meister Society.

Holland is a Ruthless Alpha: a Werewolf that outranks his pack  and gets what he wants. Whenever and however he wants.

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