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Love At First Quarter Back (BoyxBoy)

Love At First Quarter Back (BoyxBoy)

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Cassie/Susanna By when_the_sun_dies Completed

Love at First Quarter Back


(A/N: Despite what I said, this book does have a sequel now. When you finish this book, the second book I'm currently posting This Time For Sure is the sequel.)

Warning: this is not your typical story.

if you don't like it stay away

Trevor on the rightXD


Chapter 1----Monday---

I sighed and walked down the hall. The crowded hall took me a long time to get through. I kept my head down as I walked by everyone as if I wasn't here.

"Yeah, let's meet after school," I heard one of the football player say as they came out through the door in front of me, slamming it open, smacking me right in the face. I tumbled backwards and onto the floor.

"Oh sorry bro," the football player said then he automatically ignored me. I got to my feet, rubbing my forehead.

Hey, my name is Trevor Alisle. I'm an average 16 year old sophomore, well almost average. I have medium long sandy blond hair and light brown eyes. I'm not at all tall. I'...

ChooseReality ChooseReality 4 days ago
Wow kinda nice and kinda mean at the same time.....
                              *Slowly claps*
Cool!!! I love playing the flute even tho I'm not in band or anything I'm more into tech so I'm going to computer classes next year :D
I used to be Invisable....but since I've found friends I'm not so invisible to the world as much as before.......I still miss being invisible 
                              ....used to get away from things much easier than others could.
Why is everyone posting things about themselves?, what are you, ten or something?
Xevikan Xevikan Feb 26
Ha, I act like a sarcastic, antisocial smartaleck to everyone except my family and people I click with.
Ugh....don't even get started with the football players at my school!!!! Only ONE of them are nice,quiet,smart,cool,and cute.I have a bit of a crush on him.
                               He's actually my first crush heh 
                              But meh I don't stand a chance :P
                              Also the rest of the boys are mean,rude, and they are disgusting :<