Love At First Quarter Back (BoyxBoy)

Love At First Quarter Back (BoyxBoy)

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Cassie/Susanna By when_the_sun_dies Completed

Love at First Quarter Back


(A/N: Despite what I said, this book does have a sequel now. When you finish this book, the second book I'm currently posting This Time For Sure is the sequel.)

Warning: this is not your typical story.

if you don't like it stay away

Trevor on the rightXD


Chapter 1----Monday---

I sighed and walked down the hall. The crowded hall took me a long time to get through. I kept my head down as I walked by everyone as if I wasn't here.

"Yeah, let's meet after school," I heard one of the football player say as they came out through the door in front of me, slamming it open, smacking me right in the face. I tumbled backwards and onto the floor.

"Oh sorry bro," the football player said then he automatically ignored me. I got to my feet, rubbing my forehead.

Hey, my name is Trevor Alisle. I'm an average 16 year old sophomore, well almost average. I have medium long sandy blond hair and light brown eyes. I'm not at all tall. I'...

xxDottyWasHerexx xxDottyWasHerexx 4 days ago
Well for me, it's called being in wattpad 24/7 cus clubs are waste of my time
xxDottyWasHerexx xxDottyWasHerexx 4 days ago
I was gonna say how little number of students there are but then I check my school and now that's a lot
I'm sure Edward.. *cough* I mean Nathan wouldn't mind you dripping on him
The football players in my school are all assholes, but they don't have muscles and looks like a sexy french guy, they are so rude, all of them
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I feel like my heart is going to burst. Alone at a table for two and I just wanna be served
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You acknowledge that you're average and the first step to fixing a problem is to identify it after all