Counselor // h.s.

Counselor // h.s.

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. By BallisticTeens Updated Feb 11

A blossoming love story between a teacher and his student who get to know each other more deeply than expected. 


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Did you get a g for grow the fûck up bîtch and mind your own business?
auggie1D auggie1D May 17
I know my dad isn't the best person and I've seen him do some pretty fücked up shït but my daddy's girl roots remain the same
lenybridges lenybridges Jul 01
Well you see if your teacher 15min it later you can leave class
auggie1D auggie1D May 16
eudaemonist eudaemonist Jun 23
lol ngl my hot history teacher freshman year made me love history even more
Did you get a S for shut the fúck up before I throw a fridge at your face?