Devil in Disguise *The Originals/The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction* (DISCONTINUED)

Devil in Disguise *The Originals/The Vampire Diaries Fanfiction* (DISCONTINUED)

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"Don't be fooled by my name,love. I'm just the devil in disguise."

     You may have heard of The Mikaelson family or the originals, Finn,Elijah,Klaus,Kol,Rebekah,Mikael, Esther and Henrik but you probably didn't know of Evangeline. Evangeline “Angel” Mikaelson is the third oldest (second if you're not counting Freya) and the twin sister to Elijah. Out of her family, she was mostly close with Elijah,Kol and Henrik. Once Henrik died, she was depressed for weeks until the love of her other siblings brought her out of that state. Just like her family, she was turned into a vampire but before she was a witch and practiced magic therefore turning into hybrid along with her brother,Niklaus, but Niklaus turned into a vampire/werewolf hybrid. 
     During her years as a vampire,Angel goes through up and downs with her family. She thinks they’re falling apart. Especially when Niklaus starts daggering her fellow siblings except for her. After 800 years, she finally leaves her family for a break. When she goes to Texas,she meets two 500 year old vampires, Veronica and Alexander. After that,they become best friends but her and Alex a little bit more. 
     When she hears that Niklaus is in Mystic Falls,she starts to wonder why? He usually only goes somewhere if he gets something from it. So with that, her and her best friends head to Mystic Falls not knowing all the drama,action and love is going to take place.  

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