A Dragon's Heart: A New Generation  (book 1)

A Dragon's Heart: A New Generation (book 1)

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(Book one of A Dragon's Heart trilogy)

There was a time where riders, shapeshifters, and sorcerers alike, lived freely and roamed freely. All that changed when the ruthless king demanded that all riders, shapeshifters, and sorcerers to be killed. Torn from their homes, they hid in the mountains, waiting. 

When sixteen year old, Jane, wanders into the forbidden part of woods and finds a dragon egg, her life turns upside down. She goes on the journey of a lifetime with a shapeshifter named, Jacob, leading the way. 

The mountains are days away and Jane's journey has just begun. 

Book cover by  @Poisonblood

LetaHallmark LetaHallmark Oct 06, 2016
How do you know it was a Dragon egg?  For all you know, it could be a dodo bird. But, yea, they are extinct as well.
Dwagoness Dwagoness Oct 26, 2016
Did you mean But by the time she said yes, I was out the door.
Angelaxax Angelaxax Jan 27
'here mother!' I said gently. But how is it gently with an ' ! ' ?