A Dragon's Heart: A New Generation  (book 1)

A Dragon's Heart: A New Generation (book 1)

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(Book one of A Dragon's Heart series)

long ago dragons and their riders flew free across the land, projecting it and the people and creatures that lived on it. but the king was jealous of them and wanted a dragon of his own. but a dragon egg would only for someone if their heart was pure and their soul was kind.
but the kings heart wasn't pure, it was filled with hatred. and his soul filled with greed. so mad his order his strongest men to kill them all. it was a all out war. those riders who survived fled to the mountains where no one dare go. and there they trained, heal, and hoped.
and a legend was found. it had said that one day a savior with the purest of hearts and kindest of soul would defect the king and save them all.
Jane wanders in the woods to practice her archery. when she's wandered too far she finds a dragon. and she keeps the dragon a secret. but when a shapeshifter finds out of her dragon he helps her on her journey to the mountains and in hopes to end the kings rule. 

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How do you know it was a Dragon egg?  For all you know, it could be a dodo bird. But, yea, they are extinct as well.
Dwagoness Dwagoness Oct 26
Did you mean But by the time she said yes, I was out the door.