The island (boyxboyxboy)

The island (boyxboyxboy)

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CuteJimin_ By CuteJimin_ Updated May 01

This is my story so no copy writing. I made this story myself and I worked hard on it.

WARNING: has slight BDSM in it. BE WARNED!!! Enjoy!!!!!                                                  Tyler is stranded with his two bullies, lakiine and Adam, after there ship sinks from a terrible storm durring the night. Now, waking up on a beautiful island, Adam has to survive with his two bullies. Durring that time, they start acting as if they're friends and like nothing happened between them. Also, Tyler is a centaur. What will happen to them?. Will feelings bloom? Will they find out his secret? Read and find out.

( P.S Tyler is a centaur, Adam and Lakiine are both dragons)

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ArtisticGirl13 ArtisticGirl13 Mar 23, 2017
What? I thought he didn't like them right now I'm confused...
yogurtisokay yogurtisokay Apr 07, 2017
How does he wear booty shorts can he be just one of each at a time
Me be like: Your gonna torture me with No internet?! *Get slaped*
                              Friend: CLIMB TREES BITCH!
                              ME: Good idea!
shoey102 shoey102 Jun 08, 2017
I would literally get a knife and check every corner of the house for cameras and monsters
Jasicoluvs Jasicoluvs Jan 04, 2017
Noooooo, they aren't semes at all
                              C'mon u can do it better
                              Like nick bateman
FeedYourSoulWafflez FeedYourSoulWafflez Jul 13, 2016
Wait so if you are a centaur then you are half horse half human and you always stay like that but horse shifters can turn into humans and then turn into a horse at will. So I'm just going to imagine him as a horse shifter.