The island (boyxboyxboy)

The island (boyxboyxboy)

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SugaV_ By SugaV_ Updated Oct 18

This is my story so no copy writing. I made this story myself and I worked hard on it.

WARNING: has slight BDSM in it. BE WARNED!!! Enjoy!!!!!                                                  Tyler is stranded with his two bullies, lakiine and Adam, after there ship sinks from a terrible storm durring the night. Now, waking up on a beautiful island, Adam has to survive with his two bullies. Durring that time, they start acting as if they're friends and like nothing happened between them. Also, Tyler is a centaur. What will happen to them?. Will feelings bloom? Will they find out his secret? Read and find out.

( P.S Tyler is a centaur, Adam and Lakiine are both dragons)

Wait so if you are a centaur then you are half horse half human and you always stay like that but horse shifters can turn into humans and then turn into a horse at will. So I'm just going to imagine him as a horse shifter.
tukagirl tukagirl Jun 01
Makes me think of snow white. Like yeah I almost died, but hey look I found a house let's clean it and not worry about people looking for me or not.
magnifix magnifix Jun 28
I'm gonna Imagine Taylor as Manu rios, and the bullies as Sean O'Pry and Jay Alvarrez
maraiasama maraiasama Aug 25
Where can I find a biology class going on a cruise to Germany because I wanna go
SilverUta SilverUta Apr 09
I'm confused yet intrigued about the centaur part. So you don't turn fully into a horse just halfway?
MyMadHatter MyMadHatter Apr 28
This book has lots of potential and I love that you make your characters mythical but it feels like your rushing it. Take time and describe what's going on.