Kisses For The Curvaceous (Slow Updates)

Kisses For The Curvaceous (Slow Updates)

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Renae By RenaeFraser Updated Aug 15, 2016

Jazlyn POV

"Hey sexy!" I screamed over the music at the bartender who happens to be my roommate and best friend of the past eight years Kai, smiling she came over.

"What can I get you cutie?"

"Let me get a Long Island iced tea and a rum and coke." After placing my order I started rocking my hips to the song that was now playing .


Hy Hy Hy Hy Hyperventilating

Seeyour smile's gotmehigh
And I'm begging to be part of your Sky
Iwillfly seven four seven, twenty-four seven
What amIsaying hyperventilating
Want it to be the game that you been playing

A, a, a, aih
(All over sexy)
My, my, my, my
(You haffi wuk it, baby)
Why, oh why, oh why
(Keep me waiting)
Hy, Hy, Hy, Hy hyperventilating

Tek yuh time, join deh line fi knock me door
Rock mi body, til you can rockit no more
And if yuh ready, yuh fi really mek me soar
Like a bird in the sweet summer shore

And if yuh never know sey dat me waan yuh do 
Step aside cuz so me muss do yuh 
Yuh either will or you won't, or yuh do or yuh don't ...

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Qveen_Nicole00 Qveen_Nicole00 Jul 26, 2016
My ex told me this and I just looked at him like"ok and this concerns me because...." niqqa wanted me 2 care he was so dåmn pissed
LetEmKeepTalking LetEmKeepTalking Jun 21, 2015
Yass boo I wonder how Brandon gone react and how that day is going to go
Smittenbyyou Smittenbyyou Jun 06, 2015
I'm already feeling this story so please p
                              Ease continue it. I'm interested in all the girls but especially Chante. I wanna get to know the guy who gave her back her license. Spits going great already so continue away.
LaQuinta1432 LaQuinta1432 May 10, 2015
Everybody say sausage keep it going! Eggs, bacon, grits, sausage!
glittersnsparkles79 glittersnsparkles79 May 10, 2015
I love the start of this story. It's very interesting and I think you should continue. I am looking forward to reading more of your story♥♥♥
sheslikethewind69 sheslikethewind69 Apr 15, 2015
- yassss ! continue on mamaz , can't wait to read the rest of it .