Be mine   ↠    s.m

Be mine ↠ s.m

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Magcon By JaylynnDallas Completed

Hi. My name's Isabel. Isabel Rose Dallas. But people call me Is, Izzy, Bel, and/or Bella. My brother is Cameron Dallas. So that makes me famous, right? Well, I guess it does. I love Cam to death but he became really protective of me since our dad left, especially if I'm dating someone. We leave for Magcon tomorrow and I'm really nervous, but I'm also excited. Well, kinda. I have to share a room with nine teenage boys?! Oh god. But of course I'm not the only girl there thank god. Mahogany's coming too! I can't wait. 

What happens when Isabel and Cameron go on tour? Sure Cam has been on tour before, but will the boys be able to handle all the drama between heartbreaks and torn friendships? And will Isabel be able to handle sharing rooms and seeing them fight? Well, you'll just have to wait and read.

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