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Mated to the Alpha

Mated to the Alpha

684K Reads 15.8K Votes 32 Part Story
Bookworm By Fangirl_Hype Completed

What happens when rouge girl Robyn lands on Alpha Xavier's territory?
Robyn became a rouge because of how badly her pack and Alpha treated her.

Alpha Xavier is known for his harsh treatment of rouges, that is when he let's them live, his little sister, Yasmin, was captured and killed by rouges in front of his very own two eyes causing him to hate all and any rouges.

Can Xavier see past the label of rouge and except his mate or will he reject her because of it.
Can Robyn learn to trust and love again or will she forever be alone.

This is my first werewolf book. :)

queenofpretenses queenofpretenses Dec 12, 2016
No, when I imagine alpha, I see the guy on your cover.. Huge, intense and manly.. Now you say nick?? 😭😭 a scrawny soft boy?? Ugh
Faith_the_Fangirl01 Faith_the_Fangirl01 Aug 24, 2016
Omgosh. You went there. GURL, STOP MIXING UP MY FANDOMS!!
                              Jk luv ya
nayelisestrada nayelisestrada Dec 11, 2016
Oh do I feel a cold coming on I think I need to go see the doctor
mondesperado mondesperado Dec 23, 2016
I prefer joe more but im gonna pictured someone else 4 dat role
ECarisa ECarisa Aug 20, 2016
Killed. It for me already, it's hard to enjoy the story when my imagination of the characters is ripped away and trampled. Bye :/
742USmellOfPoo 742USmellOfPoo Nov 20, 2016
No one ever remembers Kevin Jonas... It's always Nick or Joe...