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Canons Away | Destiel Pirate AU

Canons Away | Destiel Pirate AU

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CasDesDean By CasDesDean Updated Oct 28, 2015

Castiel is on the run, but not just from anybody; he managed to tick off the famous politician Dick Roman. So, now he's being chased by assassins. What else can he do but hide in a barrel in pray he won't be found? Nothing, because that same barrel ends up on a pirate ship, where stowaways are not regarded lightly.

Warning: This will most likely have a ton of triggers. Anyone who is sensitive to anything should probably not read this without extreme caution. I apologize if you miss out because of this.

"I accidentally made a human gay"
                              -an autobiography by Castiel
*hugs the moose tightly* Can I keep it please please please can I keep it???
iM-not_fine iM-not_fine Dec 28, 2016
No one is going to comment about this? "See if he'll be any value to me" then Sam giggles
*stare into each others eyes*
                              But no homo
                              *Compliment the looks of the other* only bromo
                              *accidentally have sex*
                              All the hetero
"look at this heart-shaped chocolate Gabe found in the beach for me!"
I read this and I literally had to pause for a minute to just stare at these words like what why the fück would you do that